Videos| The Capacitated Word

Here you will find my recordings on The Capacitated Word. 

June: The Month of Glory and Harvest

In this video I share the dreams and visions I have received and the revelation thereof in preparation for the month June.

If you have been waiting on God, if you have been waiting on the fulfillment of your prophetic promises, this video is for you. Your harvest is here, the Glory of the Lord is upon you!


Slow Down

In this video I share on the importance on slowing down in order for you to get ahead. I believe God is calling you into intimacy with Him, where He is waiting to share insight and foresight for the next and now of your life. What you have been trying to accomplish in the past months or year God is calling you to Himself to get the blueprint for your life. God is getting you ready for what He has ready for you. If you feel stuck and like things are just not falling into place, this video is for you.