Our Foundation

Reignite You Tube 2-08

Re-Ignite was birthed on 30th December 2016; however it was entrusted to us on 19 December 2009 when we took our covenant marital oath. The date that Re-Ignite was birthed was the perfect and faithful timing of the Lord Jesus Christ, which He confirmed through a word of prophesy of a seven year preparation period, but it was not until October 2016 that God starting revealing and giving specific and divine instructions as to what the Nations will know as Re-Ignite.

Our greatest desire is to reveal Jesus, His power and His ability to change lives, to have a ‘now’ word that will influence nations to have a radical obedience, passion and commitment towards Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus is the Chief foundation and the principle basis on which our lives is fueled by,  and this blazing vision is the driving force behind our re-ignite philosophy.

One of Re-Ignite’s foundational scriptures is taken from the book of Revelations Chapter 1 verse 11 -20. Based on this scripture, Re-Ignite has laid its foundation on Re-conciling God’s Church  back to Him as it is foretold in the book of Revelation that God is coming back for His people who should be without spot or wrinkle [Ephesians 5:27].

Re-Ignite aims to:

  • Release God’s presence through His infallible Word and keep the fire alive in those whose coals have grown cold;
  • Position Jesus front and centre of the loveless, the persecuted, the comprising, the corrupt, the dead, the lukewarm and faithful church, by setting  a burning desire that sanctifies, purifies and cleanses; and
  • We also desire to set people’s hearts on fire to be re-instated, re-stored, re-constructed, re-shaped, re-adjusted, re-birthed, re-freshed, re-positioned, and most definitely  re-ignited.