Enjoy the Ride

d8133fe8b5933594698b20331fea7c64_xl[1]An organisation that I was previously employed at monitored their fleet with tracking devices. Ensuring that the company fleet was well maintained was a good practice and definitely a test of patience and obedience for drivers like me who are always in a rush and not exactly abiding to traffic rules and regulations– I confess.

On my way to a meeting on the other side of town with the company vehicle via a highway, I came across construction on the side of the road. The road had sign boards with speed limits and restrictions; I obliged and drove the prescribed speed limit according to the speed zone that I was in – was that a challenge. So, here I was on a highway, driving 60km per hour and to add on- no music, because the radio frequency was not tuned in; so it was just me and the tracking device racing towards time! Drivers behind me aggressively overtook me at their annoyance of my safe and regulatory driving.

The 60km drive gave me an opportunity to view houses, houses I have never seen before as I was always speeding by; and that’s when the Holy Spirit starting speaking to me, saying: “I can show you more things and you can enjoy the journey more if you just learn stick to the rules.” And so my heart inclined more to gain understanding and insight to what the Holy Spirit was ministering to me! I also realised that I was so much more peaceful than the times that I was rushing. And then, I got insight to what the Holy Spirit was saying: “Just as the roads have rules, so do our lives” – the written Word of God are our guiding principles by which we should live by that will ensure us total victory and peace in every area of our lives, that’s if we simply live according to these principles that were so lovingly put together by our Father for the benefit of us all!

So, as I drove further and became more peaceful, I starting worshiping in the car and just appreciating the fact I had this moment to worship God in song. Just as I was just getting comfortable in driving 60km and at some intervals 30kms,I then saw a sign board that I was now in a 80km speed zone; okay, so I increased my speed accordingly. Soon thereafter, I then moved into a 120km speed zone; but could only drive up to 100km! I became comfortable with the speed! The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said: “There is a time in life that God expects you to be quiet, to enjoy the ride and trust Him. During these moments, when we quiet ourselves and rest in Him, He gives us peace and wisdom that will guide us and lead us to destiny. So, when the rush, the pressure comes i.e. when life demands from us and expects us to operate at 120km per hour, we can handle the speed better and we know exactly how to take the curves at these moments in our lives. We know how to move with God; we hear clearly when He says turn right, go left, keep straight – because we have enjoyed the ride on our way to our place of destiny!”

What a lesson I learnt, just from enjoying the ride! I have now committed to practice more patience and obedience on the road of life as I continue trusting God and His Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me in paths of righteousness.

Yours in Restoration,