Say it!

As I sit here to write this blog, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit of God will minister to you and bring you to the realisation of number  1. The power in the fellowship with the Holy Spirit; number 2. The power of your words; and number  3. The Godly authority that you have.

Earlier this year, the 20th January 2017 to be exact I was away from home on official business in the beautiful, evergreen Rundu, an agriculture town in the north east of Namibia.  As soon as I got to my hotel room, I did absolutely nothing but sat in total solitude with a desperation and great expectation for the Lord to minister to my soul. I remember sitting, allowing the Holy Spirit to empty my thoughts, totally clear my mind so that I could hear and fellowship with him.  I had no specific request; besides that I needed to hear from Him pertaining to the season of my life.

Nothing happened for the first 30 minutes, nothing in the sense that I did not hear from Him; but I definitely felt Him – I felt the peace of God, and if you could hear peace – the sound of it that day was so audible.  I felt satisfied; that if God had nothing to say to me and that all He wanted to offer me was peace – that was sufficient for me.  It was then about 6pm and I decided to go down to the restaurant for dinner. And siting there I experienced more of His peace as I appreciated His beauty- the restaurant area over looked the mighty Kavango River. On one side of the river was Namibia and on the exact opposite side of the river was Angola.  The contrast in vegetation and the river itself announced nothing but the greatness and sovereignty of God.  It was beautiful. Breath-taking.

I headed back to my room, to soak more in the peace of God.  No worship music in the background, no sermon – just me and the Trinity.  As I started praying for direction and wisdom pertaining certain decisions that I was needing to make. I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance.  I was in a place that I wanted nothing, and I mean nothing if it was not part of God’s plan and purpose for my life. I wanted a life that made complete sense concerning the will and purpose of God for me.  I wanted… no wait… I needed, my footsteps to be ordered by God.  Every detail and decision of my life had to be destiny steps.  Where I found myself, with whom I found myself, where I worked, what I was thinking, what I was saying, where I lived – just everything had to be in sync with the Lord’s plan for my life.  I know you will relate and agree that as beings we desire certain things, example: a certain position and organisation to work for – we fast and pray for that job, for that promotion – we really exercise our faith in enquiring that which we believe will fulfill us and to an extend complete us. And yes, God is so gracious – He can give us the desires of our heart – oh, yes – He certainly can. But, what about wanting the desires of God’s heart for us? So that is where I was – desiring God’s heart for my life – because I became relentlessly tired of pursuing a life that was not mine – or rather that which was not God’s choice for me.  Yes, I do know that God can take that which is evil and turn around for our good. I do know and have experienced how God allows us our will to take us through a process of pruning and character building – in fact, I thrive off that!  Those that know me will know that I absolutely love (while not in the moment) but afterwards, love when God reveals why certain events took place in the manner it took place, which was questionable and unbearable at the time of the event.  It is through these moments that I have acquired wisdom and the confidence to speak to women and encourage them and introduce to them the Hope that I have experienced first-hand.

Okay, so I guess you are waiting to read what the Lord shared with me in response to my request in seeking direction for a decision that I needed to make.

The Holy Spirit asked me to do the following, and I advise you to do the same:

The first thing He asked me was to right key words (not more than 5) that express how I felt about my life.  I wrote them down very naturally (they were words that described how I felt but didn’t want to feel).

Then the Holy Spirit asked me to write down another 5 words that describe how I would like to feel.  He then asked me to compare the words (directly correlating the words to each other). To my surprise, they were exactly the opposites of each other. Meaning, I was not that which the enemy was making me believe.  God’s word over my life has precedence. The Holy Spirit asked me to proclaim daily these words of affirmation over myself.  I then went into more prayer and the Holy Spirit asked me what do I want? “What do I want?” I asked myself. I had a million fleshly requests; but was very careful of the petitions I would lay down before the Lord. AND THEN!  The Holy Spirit led me to 1 Kings 2: 16.  Are you ready, this BLEW me away. It reads:  “Now I ask one petition of you, do not deny me. And she said to him. “Say it.” Oh my word! I was taken away, totally taken away! God himself has especially created this moment for me to ask of Him anything , all I had to do was say it and He would do it.  So, would you like to know what I asked? I prayerfully sought the Lord and then laid down my 3 petitions: 1. Wisdom; 2. Prominence for the cause of the Gospel and 3.  A Selfless spirit.  I had the opportunity to ask the Lord for a better job, for a holiday, for more business opportunities for all the things that I desire, which undoubtedly, He cares about; but I acknowledged that this was a holy and sacred moment, a moment that might never repeat itself again especially not in the same way, not under the same atmosphere.

I would like to share my confessions (and by reading my confessions, you will be able to detect what were the opposite feelings the enemy had me believe of myself); I encourage you to do the same exercise and God will lead you to your personal confession.  I would also like to say, that it is important to know God first, knowing God starts with accepting Him as your Saviour and then getting into a relationship with him – which means, reading His Word, praying, communing and fellowshipping with Him. Once you have this key locked down, it becomes easier – because His sheep hear His voice and follow Him.

My confession:

I am powerful. I am Content. I am confident. I am Free. I am Alive.

My Petition:

To have Prominence for the cause of the Gospel; to be filled with Godly Wisdom; and to have a Selfless Spirit.

The Holy Spirit closed this; I like to refer to it as a ‘counselling session,’ by anointing my hand to write down the following:

I am not forgotten, I am not forsaken. God is building a great city within me.  A city that cannot be broken.  I shall rule with an iron rod.  No weapon formed or fashioned against me shall prosper. I am the city on the hill, whose light cannot be dimmed.  I am an everlasting light built on an everlasting rock – Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Redeemer.

In closing, perhaps you find yourself in a place of despair, at a crossroad, at a place where life does not make sense.  A place that you know the call of God is upon your life; but really not sure what steps to take.  I encourage you, and repeat: 1. There is power in the fellowship with the Holy Spirit; 2. There is power in your words and 3. God has given you authority over all things.  When you apply these three truths, I believe God will direct you in that path that you should follow in order for you to realise your full potential in Christ Jesus.

Something that is needing to happen to you is waiting for you to speak to it.  God has already gone before you; He has prepared the way for you in what seems like the wilderness.  God’s Word, God’s Truth takes precedence over your life – all you need to do is walk in obedience, stay in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, Speak His Word over your life and exercise your godly authority.

Your footsteps have been ordered by God.

I ask you one thing: Say it!

Yours in Re-directing,