Welcome to Re-Ignite with Paulo and Melissa


As I was getting ready to write the first blog God has purposed for Re-Ignite, I grew so excited to share the many other articles that God has already put together for us to share with you. They have been in folders waiting on the appropriate time for Re-Ignite to reach you.

But for the first Blog, we thought it was appropriate to share What Ministry is which was inspired  by a sermon we watched by Priscilla Shirer; and we choose to share her definition of ministry because it so accurately depicts our hearts and view point of how we would like Re-Ignite to illuminate as we minister the word of God through the privileged plateforms the Lord will give us.

So, during Priscilla’s sermon she speaks about Ministry and points out to her audience what Ministry is and this is what she had to say: “Ministry is nothing more, nothing less than pointing out Jesus to people.” She then gave reference to John where John the Baptist was walking and talking with his disciples, and suddenly he sees Jesus walking and he said to his disciples –“Now behold the Lamb of God” and immediately, they left John and followed Jesus (John 1:36-37). Priscilla so beautifully concluded that this is what Ministry is all about. We have the privilege as ministers of the Gospel to tell people about Jesus and the key indicator that our Ministries is effective is when  people stop following you, stop following your blog, stop attending your conferences – because they have come to know Jesus for themselves. This is effective Ministry, Ms Shirer exclaimed.

This moved me and touched me so deeply because for seven years, my husband and I had a ministry within us – a calling and I wanted nothing more but the opportunity to point Jesus to people and help them understand the power and authority they have to live a  life of purpose and passion.  The fact that you are reading this post right now is such a purposeful moment for me. A moment that I don’t take lightly.

Anyhow, I decided to study the story of John and Jesus as to conceptualise the epitome of Ministry for myself, and this is what I unravelled as I studied the scripture.

John 1:23 articulates that we are a voice for the gospel and a vessel for the Lord. The Bible explicitly announces that there will be no one greater than John.  John had the unique privilege of introducing Christ, but greater works shall we do; so you and I might not have that opportunity again to introduce Christ,but we have the great commission of re-presenting our exalted Jesus who lives in us and has given us the key of  authority.

John and Moses were both instrumental in introducing Christ; but let’s talk about Moses first.  In Exodus Chapter 24 we read that God took Moses to the top of the mountain where he was given the Ten Commandments to write on stone.  The Ten Commandments was guiding principles by which God’s people was called to live by.  Unlike John, Moses time of reign was under a time of law.  John’s ministry was under a time of grace.  John was a catalyst in introducing the concept of ministry.  John introduces himself as a voice saying “Making straight the way of the Lord.” John had hundreds of followers, but he pointed them all to Jesus.  By using his influence – they actually left him and followed Jesus.

We, the ‘now’ ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ have a crucial role in pointing people towards Jesus with the voice that He has given us.  We are called to re-present Christ and not present Christ (there is a difference remember – there will never be anyone greater than John, John has already presented Christ).  We are tasked to prepare His bride for His coming.

God says in His Holy word that greater works shall we do, if we believe in Him (John 14:12).  We now have the opportunity to do Ministry with Him under Grace.

In conclusion, Re-Ignite is not here to gather followers, but rather point Jesus towards His people and have them hear the Word of the Lord so they can follow Jesus and too point Jesus to His people.

Yours in Truth,